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Innovate originated at Queen Elizabeth High School in north Edmonton when teacher Aaron Dublenko encouraged the environmental club to try something different. It began with the quest to install 5 solar PV modules on the first school in Edmonton. Soon after, 17 students came together to build solar lanterns for Haiti and formed the SLISE club "Student Led Initiatives for Sustainability Education" in 2010. The program officially changed names in 2014 to accommodate a wider audience interested in "Education for Sustainable Development". Since this time, Innovate has supported student projects to assist Haitians with earthquake relief efforts, study and improve indoor air and water quality, recycling, indoor and outdoor gardening and sustainable landscaping of school campuses, solar cooking, 3D printing, design and development of micro wind turbines, public presentations including the United Nations Conference on Climate Change in Doha, Qatar (2012), and community spirited initiatives from lunch programs to tree planting blitzes to improve and strengthen our city community.

Innovate at Queen Elizabeth High School:

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