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Register for the INNOVATE Program and then request to have fees waived.


1) Contact Mr. Dublenko to let him know you will be starting a project.
2) Register for Argyll at Select "Innovate Program" and then either special projects and or Junior achievement courses.

This will ensure you do not have to pay a registration fee.
a. Upon registration, you will receive an email with a PROJECT PROPOSAL that includes:
  • Learning goals (What you intend to do)
  • Project Plan (how you will work towards those goals)
  • Resources (what you need to be successful)
  • Evaluation points (checks on progress)


1) Begin working towards your learning goals once your project is approved
2) Keep a weekly learning log of your activities and hours.
     a. 1 credit = roughly 25 hours, 2 = 50 hours, 3 = 75 hours, 4 = 100 hours and 5 = 125 hours.

Hours INCLUDE: brainstorming, discussions with friends, family, etc, research, writing the proposal, presentation and self-evaluation and any other efforts completing your project. So keep track. You will put in more time than you think!


1) Contact Mr. Dublenko when you are ready to complete your project.
2) Book a time to review your project and SELF-EVALUATION

Past and current projects include: humanitarian aid for HAITI, installing solar panels on school, using smart meters for energy management, circuit meters business in partnership with City of Edmonton to reduce operational costs, sociological research through surveys and data collection, testing air and water quality, 3D printing, developing a club or organization, creating a radio program, learning to publish, indoor and outdoor gardening and building and cooking with solar ovens. Queen Elizabeth High School INNOVATE was awarded the 2014-2015 “Greenest School in Canada” for its student projects. This year, students are organizing Green Career Fairs in 5 high schools across Edmonton.

For more Information contact Mr. Dublenko at or call 780-267-4677

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