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Student Citizen Projects

Community/School Gardening and Campus beautification project

Student Food Program: Students feeding youth in need by Working with B's Supporting Youth Foundation

Students Tree Planting with City of Edmonton. 60 students ranging from grades 5-12 planted over 1200 trees in downtown Edmonton with Roots For Trees Program. Grade 5 students from St. Richard's Catholic elementary teamed up with Junior High school students from Caraway Program with Argyll Centre and high school students from Queen Elizabeth high school to increase our City's tree canopy and biodiversity, decrease erosion, improve water tables in urban soil, enhancing natural spaces in urban settings which has psychological benefits of people being exposed to calming effects of proximity to nature, improved air quality and mitigating climate change.

Building Edmonton's 3D printing community. Innovate student Noah Burghardt organized a 3D printing presentation/workshop at Start Up Edmonton which brought together 70 some interest members of the public to learn about 3D printing. Other displays included a home made 3D printer built from 3D printed components and the world's largest 3D printed sculpture composed of personalized tiles all designed and signatured by Innovate students from across the city.

Habitat for Humanity: Innovate students volunteer over 3 days with habitat for humanity to build affordable housing for Edmontonians.

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